Our Team of Coaches

TOUCH Cyber Wellness has a competent team of dynamic full time coaches, each with a minimum of 3 years of coaching, training and mentoring experience with youths in the area of cyber wellness or youth work. As a team, TOUCH has received many commendations from schools with regards to the coaches' competencies in training, classroom management as well as strong ability to engage students in learning.

Shem Yao

Team Lead & Senior Coach

Shem’s interest and proficiency in different types of games, in particular console games, allows him to provide insights to the education team with regards to the motivations of gamers. He is passionate in engaging the youths of today in discovering their potential and talent, and seeing them pursue purposeful living. He also enjoys working with parents on matters pertaining to cyber wellness and helping them understand what their youths are engaging and doing in the cyberspace arena. He had also been working with youths in various organisations and churches for the past ten years, impacting and working in the lives of the youths he meets.

Michelle Lee

Team 2IC & Senior Coach

Michelle has been conducting workshops and assembly talks to various schools. Due to the rising trend of young children being exposed to the Internet and mobile technologies, she believes that every youth must be educated about the Cyber Wellness at a young age. She strongly believes that every youth must be equipped with essential knowledge to make them masters (not slaves) of Technology. She especially enjoys interacting with students and infuses fun together with teaching. She would like to inspire and touch the youths of this generation. She wants to make an impact in their lives by being an encourager to them.

Joanne Wong

Senior Coach

Joanne is a young and dynamic trainer who has in depth knowledge of cyber wellness issues and displayed great aptitude and enthusiasm in working with youths. Having worked with youths for a few years in church, she believes in the importance of guiding and helping them to process the benefits and pitfalls of the online world and its technology. She enjoys reaching out to children and teenagers, interacting with them and sharing her online journey and lessons learnt with them. Her passion is to impact the next generation.

Joel Qin


Joel has been actively guiding youths and mentoring youth leaders for the past 14 years. With his passion and determination to see his youths succeed, he has overseen and anchored many leadership roles throughout his student life, with a senior leadership position in a Scout group during secondary and JC level to being the captain of his JC bowling team, as well as in various youth groups. He believes in the power of youths, and their combined strength to positively change nations. He envisions that in using the power of social media and turning the negative effects of gaming into strengths, youths can be empowered and will empower others to take a positive stand for Singapore’s cyber future.

Joel Yip


Joel has worked with children and youths for a few years and is currently actively leading and mentoring a group of youths. He is passionate in educating and impacting the lives of the next generation with regards to the importance of Cyber Wellness in this age of technology advances, and at the same time, helping and motivating them reach and achieve to their greatest potential. He firmly believes in guiding and mentoring the next generation on their journey to discover the benefits and dangers of technology through personal life lessons and interactions.

Kenneth Wong


Kenneth has been working with children and youths since 2011. He enjoys sowing in their lives and playing a part in raising the next generation. He has had the privilege of leading and mentoring youths through various activities, from holding leadership positions in school to serving in church. He also believes that the Internet is a double-edged sword and can either be used to the benefit of the youths or to their disadvantage. Therefore, he hopes to help the younger generation navigate through the Internet age safely and wisely.

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