Children learn to overcome sticky situation on their cyber adventures.

The Cybertales of Pancake Primary (CPP) is a series of interactive techno dramas which features the lives of four primary school children who are caught in sticky situations over the Internet. Students will watch the episodes and see what choices the characters make and learn from the consequences of those decisions. Our fun and engaging Cyber Wellness Coach will facilitate and help the students better understand the importance of making the right choices, both online and offline.

I would like to thank the coach for conducting an excellent assembly talk on cyber wellness to our pupils yesterday.  It was very well received by pupils and teachers. My school leaders and teachers feedback that the coach has done a very good job engaging the pupils and they have learnt a lot from both topics on cyber bullying and netiquette.  The coach has used simple language which the pupils could understand and the messages and videos were very effective in delivering the learning objectives of the talks.  Once again, thank you for the great job.

Primary School Teacher


Promotes mass awareness of social responsibility in Internet usage patterns.


Demonstrates consequences of differing choices with regards to the dilemmas.


Teaches core Cyber Wellness values in exercising choices on the Internet.


30 mins

Recommended Group Size

No Limit

Choice of 6 different shows (each 30 min) covering the most common daily Internet dilemmas:

Addictive Nature of Computer Games

Hurtful Nature of Cyber Bullying

Dangers of Meeting Online Strangers

Lasting Impact of Social Media

Handling Internet Content

Importance of Proper Netiquette

(Please let us know if you are looking for themes not included in the list – we will customize the assembly session to meet your school’s need to the best of our ability.)

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