Equipping and preparing young, developing minds for the digital world.

Children are exposed to digital media and technology at a younger age. Some, as young as two, are already frequent users of gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets, because parents use them as babysitting tools.

With early exposure to digital gadgets, cyber wellness programmes should start early too. Cyber wellness education has to be extended to pre-schools to equip and prepare these young, developing minds for the digital world.

Early cyber wellness values education will provide the foundation for good cyber habits and nurture positive attitudes in the digital age.

At TOUCH, we are committed to develop quality, age appropriate cyber wellness programmes for pre-school children.

Through CRuSH Explorer, young children between 4 to 6 years of age will learn good online habits and positive cyber wellness values from a series of story-telling sessions and activities, specially designed to engage young children through fun and games.


Inculcates positive cyber wellness values to pre-school children aged 4-6 years old.


Equips and prepares pre-school children for the digital world.


Creates cyber wellness awareness among pre-school teachers, parents and caregivers.


30 – 45 min

Session Format

Big Book Format Storytelling, Activity, Summary and Feedback

I like how the children were shown the big display board whereby children were able to see the cards/pictures and children were able to read with confidence.



The materials used are very effective, they caught the children’s attention. The story is very relevant.



The coach was very engaging. She was able to hold the attention of the children and listen to their sharing. Also, the content was well delivered with clarity and precision.



I like that the book has interactive aspects like the clock, open flap, etc.



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