Innoculate our impressionable kids against cyberspace risks!

How can I effectively introduce cyber wellness values to young children and those moving towards their preadolescence?

Through fun and exciting activities, children get excited about the possibilities of the Internet and learn of the potential dangers at the same time. This teaches them to be astute in their early years exploring the Internet.

Favoured primarily for young children who may not have the necessary home environment to complement the cyber wellness message, the values taught in CRuSHKidz serve to prevent young children from stumbling into potentially life-changing difficulties.


Improves children’s awareness of benefits, risks and potential dangers of the Internet.


Encourages them to adopt positive values and safe behaviour in the cyber-world.


45 mins – 1 hr / module

Recommended Group Size

Class of 20 – 40 students

Some of our CRuSHKidz Modules:

Balanced Lifestyle

  • Having a balanced lifestyle when using the Internet


  • Issues dealing with Copyright over the Internet


  • How to handle spam.

Revealing Information

  • Dangers and how to handle personal information wisely.

Discerning Information

  • How to discern information on the Internet

Chatting and Meeting with Strangers

  • Dangers of online strangers and how to handle it wisely

The list above is non-exhaustive; do let us know your school or organization’s requirements and we will get back to you with the recommended module/s aligned to the required objectives and learning outcomes.

Pace is good and pitched well to P1 children. Instructor is expressive and relates well to them…able to bring in the importance of cyber wellness at their level.

Teacher, Canossa Convent Primary School

I really liked this programme and I will tell my younger brother about this.

Francis Wong

Student, Catholic High School

The students enjoyed the programme very much, especially during the station games and activities.  The usually inattentive students in class were very engaged.

Teacher, Tao Nan School

Program was great. Me and my classmates have learned new things that we never knew!

Aaron Wong

Student, Holy Innocents' Primary School

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