How can we empower the students that we have chosen in our school to be effective Cyber Wellness Ambassadors?

Students who opt or are chosen to become Cyber Wellness Ambassadors in their schools can sometimes be clueless as to how they can begin their work in increasing the awareness of cyber wellness issues and values amongst their peers, as well as in promoting a positive cyber culture within their schools. Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme (CWAP) seeks to help them clarify their roles, imbue in them the necessary knowledge and skills, and thereafter empower them to effectively fulfill their roles and responsibilities in their schools. We tailor each programme according to the students’ potential and competency, ensuring the appropriate level of skill training and mentoring best suited for them.


Cultivates in the cyber wellness ambassadors a greater sense of responsibility, perseverance, optimism, better self-esteem and confidence.


Helps them to identify potential hazards in the cyberspace faced by their peers and provide solution to address these concerns.


Facilitates them in the conceptualization, planning and execution of cyber wellness projects and carnivals, ensuring a full hands-on experience for them.



(we recommend a minimum of 4 x 2hrs for effective training)

Recommended Group Size

20 – 40 student ambassadors per group

Some of the modules conducted in our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme:

Cyber Wellness Ambassador 101 (Compulsory)

  • Cyber Wellness Ambassador: Who, What, Why, How…?

Cyber Wellness Education (Compulsory)

  • Covers prevalent cyber wellness issues


  • Ambassadors learn through experiential team building activities.

Presentation & Public Speaking

  • Vocal projection
  • Presentation slides design

Cyber Wellness Advocacy Projects (Compulsory)

  • Experiential activities and games for peers
  • Classroom case-study presentations
  • Classroom/School-wide cyber wellness pledge
  • Cyber wellness carnival

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