An eye-opening cyber wellness awareness workshop!

Mentoring Teenagers in the Internet Age (MTIA) is an immensely popular workshop that has reached more than 50,000 adults in the past 9 years. Parents, educators, counselors, youth & social workers and professionals working with youths have found it to be very enriching and eye-opening as they discover the cyber-world through the eyes of youths. Our experienced counsellors and dynamic speakers follow up with insights on the social impact of these cyber wellness issues so that parents can understand them in context and better engage their children. A variety of subject matter can be covered including Internet Gaming, Cyber Bullying, Internet Pornography, Internet-Mediated Communication, Mobile Technology and Social Media. Workshops can also be customised to meet specific needs of the participants in different organizations.

Awareness of the current Internet trends.


Understanding on the range of cyber wellness issues facing youths today.


Tips and handles to effectively help teenagers in this digital age.


1 – 3 hours

Recommended Group Size

No Limits

Choice of 5 different topics (each estimated 1 hour) covering the most common parental concerns:

5 More Minutes? - The Addictive Nature of Computer Gaming

  • Symptoms and effects of pathological gaming.
  • Understand the motivations why teenagers are so hooked to computer games
  • Practical tips and handles to equipping youths in this game-crazy environment

iPost, iShare, iLike - Understand the Teenagers' World of Social Media

  • Evolving trends of online communications i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp etc.
  • Impact of social media on children and youths.
  • How parents and educators can make social media work for their good.

Porn-NO-graphy - Speaking to our youths about the dangers of Pornography

  • How do we speak to the youths about pornography?
  • Practical tips & handles – How can adults (parents and educators) teach and advocate values in families / schools.
  • Success stories – Overcoming as a family.

I Can't Live Without It - Engaging the IT & Smartphone Generation

  • Growing prevalence of mobile usage in Singapore.
  • How mobile technologies magnify traditional cyber wellness concerns.
  • Practical parenting tips to engaging this Generation ‘Mobile’, cultivating good habits and behaviours.

Standing Up Against Cyber Bullying - Understanding and Helping Our Youth Overcome The New World Danger

  • Defining bullying and cyber bullying.
  • Impact and implications of cyber bullying.
  • Practical tips in tackling cyber bullying.
(Please let us know if you are looking for themes not included in the list – we will customize the workshop curriculum to meet your school / agency’s need to the best of our ability.)

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