Youths learn to tackle everyday dilemmas on the Internet.

As part the series of our iNteractive Technodramas, the Online Adventures of Harmony High (OHH) was customised for the maturity of lower secondary to junior college students. Youths watch their daily Internet-related dilemmas being played out and are challenged to the everyday choices that they have to make when using the Internet. The sight-and-sound impact of this show, coupled with persuasive facilitation by our trainers, help the students to think beyond the situation-at-hand, assess possible consequences and to choose a rational response the cyber wellness way.



Promotes mass awareness of social responsibility in Internet usage patterns.


Demonstrates consequences of differing choices with regards to the dilemmas.


Teaches core Cyber Wellness values in exercising choices on the Internet.


45 mins

Recommended Group Size

No Limit

Choice of 3 different shows (each 45 min) covering the most common daily Internet dilemmas:

I.C.E (Internet, Ethics and Cyber Bullying)

Watch the clash between the timid and mighty – on level playing fields on the Internet.

G.G.W.P (Gaming, Gadgets and Worrying Pressures)

Max walks the tightrope of balancing games with real-life priorities. Will he fall and fail?

The Unbridled World of Social Media

Irresponsible Self Expression and Inconsequential reactions threatens to explode out of control. How will Jen respond?

(Please let us know if you are looking for themes not included in the list – we will customize the assembly session to meet your school’s need to the best of our ability.)

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