Older teens learn to make informed choices in challenging cyber wellness issues.

What else can I do for teenagers who have heard everything about cyber wellness but remain unconvinced?

Late-teenagers require a different approach to steer them towards responsible and mature decision making in cyber wellness issues. PlanetCRuSH lessons were designed specifically to bring focus to issues that they are concerned about. Through extensive use of real-life case studies, students learn that cyber wellness issues have serious real-life consequences. As such, PlanetCRuSH workshops are perfect follow-up workshops sometime after teenagers have completed ProjectCRuSH.


Educates youths to be responsible; students are able to harness the power of the Internet with great care.


Educates youths to be respectful; students learn to uphold others’ rights in cyberspace.


Educates youths to be balanced and astute in using the Internet.


1 hr / module

Recommended Group Size

Class of 20 – 40 students

Some of our PlanetCRuSH Modules:

The Addictive Nature of Gaming - 5 more minutes please?

  • Understanding the draw of games
  • Case studies on gaming addiction
  • Helpful tips to handle gaming

(NEW) World Danger - Cyber Bullying

  • Modes of cyber bullying
  • Consequences of cyber bullying
  • Practical tips against cyber bullying

Dangers of Internet Pornography (for boys)

  • Draw of pornography
  • Effects of pornography
  • Case studies and practical tips to get out of pornography

Cyber Relationships - Thrills & Spills (for girls)

  • Dangers of forming online relationships
  • How to stay safe online

The (NEW) Media Universe - Social Media

  • Consequences of irresponsibile use of social media
  • How to be a cyber smart social media user

Copyright - What's Right & Wrong?

  • Understand and respect copyright
  • Consequences of copyright infringement

The list above is non-exhaustive; do let us know your school or organization’s requirements and we will get back to you with the recommended module/s aligned to the required objectives and learning outcomes.

I realized that relationships with people (especially family) in the real world is more important than the virtual world.

Reina Chan

Student, Dunman Secondary School

I have learnt that every post or ‘like’ that I put onto the Internet will have consequences and thus it is important to make the right decisions.

Vivien Woon

Student, Bukit Panjang Government High School

I have understood from the lesson how game-makers use techniques in drawing us to play their games.

Terence Chai

Student, Jurongville Secondary School

I have learnt how to reserve judgement and not simply take things at face value. You may end up unintentionally hurting others if you act on impulse.

Isabelle Tan

Student, National Junior College

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