Young teenagers learn basics of cyber wellness values.

“How can teenagers build upon what they have learnt about cyber wellness after graduating from primary school?”

Our dynamic coaches bring cyber wellness values alive in a classroom setting allowing for interaction and engagement with every student. ProjectCRuSH covers a very wide range of issues that every teenager is likely to encounter as they gain increasing autonomy.

The workshops are conducted with impactful and thought-provoking structured experiences. Even our multi-tasking digital natives learn the lessons effectively.


Improves youth awareness of benefits, risks and potential dangers of the Internet.


Mentors youths to adopt positive values and safe behaviour in the cyber-world.


Develops them to become a positive influence to their peers and juniors.


1 hr / module

Recommended Group Size

Class of 20 – 40 students

Some of our ProjectCRuSH Modules:

Being an Astute Internet User

  • Embracing cyber wellness as a maturing teenager
  • Astuteness in revealing information

Handling Cyber Bullying

  • Hurtful nature of cyber bullying
  • How to spot and stop cyber bullying

Cybercraps in the Cyber World

  • Astuteness in retrieving & receiving information
  • Copyright

Dangers of Internet Pornography (for boys)

  • Understand the consequence and harmful effects of pornography
  • How to get out of pornography addiction

Cyber Gaming (Internet Addiction)

  • Managing cyber gaming and Internet surfing habits

Cyber Relationships (for girls)

  • The thrills and spills – When cyber relationships turn sour
  • Steps to protect oneself and sources of help

The list above is non-exhaustive; do let us know your school or organization’s requirements and we will get back to you with the recommended module/s aligned to the required objectives and learning outcomes.

I’ve learnt that we must all be extremely sensitive to what we share online and that everything could go wrong with just a click of the button.

Sabrina Lee

Student, School of the Arts Singapore

I have learnt that the Internet cannot be effectively regulated, and I am the best filter.

Bryant Tan

Student, East Spring Secondary School

I understand now that plagiarism is wrong and we should respect everyone’s work if we want others to respect ours too.

Loh Wen Yu

Student, Dunman High School

I have learnt how I can lend a helping hand to someone who may be a victim of cyberbullying.

Izza Milania

Student, Regent Secondary School

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