Creating resources to spread the cyber wellness message is an integral part of TOUCH Cyber Wellness. Our team has produced resources to help parents and educators better understand the cyberworld, to equip them with up-to-date knowledge and tools to achieve and enjoy cyber wellness in this digital age.

CRuSH Explorer - Resources for Parents (2015)
CRuSH Explorer is a pre-school cyber wellness programme to build a foundation for good cyber habits and nurture positive attitudes and cyber wellness values in young children. It is done through a series of story-telling sessions and activities, specially designed to engage young children through fun and games.

The following are resources consisting of tips and activities parents can download to manage their child’s screentime.

Parents’ Post-Programme Handout

Family Agreement on Gadget Use Template 

FAQs and tips on use of gadgets and screentime

CRuSH Explorer Bring-a-long Activity Sheets
Activity sheets you can print to keep your child engaged when you bring them out

Non-screen/ gadget activities you can do with your child:

Outdoor Activity Ideas
Outdoor Bubble Fun
Cooking and Recipe Ideas


Cyber Wellness Mobile App for Parents - 'notAnoobie' (2014)
The notAnoobie mobile app, developed by Singtel and TOUCH Cyber Wellness, aims to help parents understand and follow cyber-related developments and issues such as gaming, mobile technology and device addiction, social media dos and don’ts, as well as identifying and stopping cyber bullying, inappropriate content online and protecting personal privacy online. The app content includes articles, reviews, success stories, quizzes and daily tips.

With this app, parents can now be armed with the knowledge on-the-go and help educate their children to be responsible digital citizens and look out for possible online dangers.

With the increasing technological divide between parents and children, we hope that this app will allow parents to harness the potential of the cyber world and better connect with their children and help families grow closer with mutual understanding and respect.

A Singtel CSR initiative, the app can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google play stores by mobile users in Singapore on any network.

Parents' Resource Book - 'Parents Over Shoulder' (2013)
Taking a Peek into Your Child’s Digital Life

“P.O.S – Parents Over Shoulder” is a book for parents to help guide their teenage children in this digital age. ‘POS’ for short, is an Instant Messaging slang commonly used by youths. The tips and insights will help parents to be a savvy parent who understands what their children are going through as they live out their lives with their online communities.

Youth Resource Book - 'Got A Life? Get A Life' (2013)
Real Life in the Real World

“Got A Life? Get A Life” is a collection of real-life stories of youths in their early to late teens. It is about their encounters with cyber issues and how they have overcome them. Written in a very personal way, like the famous Chicken Soup series, each chapter captures different cyber dangers, such as gaming addiction, online scams and sexual harassment. The book also features a range of problems youths face, lessons they’ve learnt, as well as practical tips and advice from cyber wellness counsellors. This book is applicable for both teachers and parents.

Parents' Guide To Popular Games In Singapore
Which game would be suitable for my child?

What are some the popular games that teenagers are playing now?

What should I as a parent be concerned about when my children play this game?

Our Parents’ Guide to Popular Games in Singapore provides both information and insights for parents on some of the popular games that children and teenagers today are exposed to.

Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents (2008)
The Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents is a resource to equip parents and their children with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve and enjoy cyber wellness.

People who have always wondered why their child is constantly on the computer need fret no more. Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents offers the average parent a macro view of some common cyber wellness issues surrounding today’s youths, and provides practical tips in parenting their children in the Internet age. Produced by the cyber wellness team of TOUCH Community Services, the 28-page handbook is chockfull of advice and insights from the industry’s veteran.

The Handbook was distributed through all MOE schools to parents of Primary Three to Secondary Three students in 2008.

The Offline Guide for the Online Generation (2004)
The Offline Guide for the Online Generation: A Cyber Wellness Resource is an initiative of the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR) in collaboration with TOUCH Youth and the Media Development Authority (MDA) to provide useful information and tips on cyber trends and risks.

The guide outlines youth online trends, dangers on the Internet, organisations that promote cyber wellness in Singapore, existing cyber programmes and resources on the Internet, as well as tips on the inspiring use of the Internet. I hope it will help you in your work with youths.

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